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Part One:
Foundation of Growth
• A New Approach
• The Path We Will Follow
• Exploring The Unknown

Part Two:
Character Attributes of Growth
• A Fire in the Heart
• A Better Place to Be
• Building Commitment


• A Head Full of Know How
• Been There, Done That,
Learned From It
• Building Competence

Self Assurance

• Feeling Unstoppable
• The Heart of the Matter
• Building Self Assurance

Part Three:
Onward Toward Growth
• Thoroughness and Preparation
• What Companies Can Do
• Key Lessons and Reflections

Steve is a managing partner with International Leadership Associates, a leadership development and consulting firm.

Tom is the director of Executive and Leadership Development at Fifth Third Bank.

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We love the topic of growth and we love people who are willing to go after it. We have learned a great deal about what it takes for them to be successful. We are delighted to share these lessons and hope that you will benefit from them.
The journey of growth starts inside. It is much more about you, than your external resources or environment. So you will learn a great deal about yourself as you become acquainted with the common attributes we found among our growth leaders.

We hope you will continue to communicate with us about your own experiences and other role models of growth you have had the chance to work with or gotten to know. Blog us with your insights, so we can all keep learning about what it takes to let go of the boxand produce exciting, rewarding, even world-changing growth opportunities..

Enjoy the ride!

After years of research, we discovered something very unusual about people who have broken the shackles of doing things the way they have always been done, and have gone on to create new growth opportunities. These growth leaders never allowed themselves to be boxed in by anyone or anything. But they did rely on a few powerful, internal character traits, that allowed them to ignore the proverbial box and change the rules of the game in fundamental and profitable ways.

There is No Box describes the internal attributes that were most consistent among those who went out on a limb and stepped up to find imaginative, innovative, even groundbreaking growth opportunities. Rather than providing another look at the tasks or activities that you must do to produce change, this book focuses on what you must have, in order to let go of your self-imposed box of limitations and discover, produce and lead growth. There is No Box clarifies those attributes that you must have in order to do what it takes to change and grow your piece of the world.

Perhaps some of you have noticed the dramatic change in the styling of the BMW automobile over the years, from its traditional boxy shape to one of more streamlined elegance. That did not just happen. It came from the vision of a man named Chris Bangle, who took the position as BMW’s chief designer a few years back. You will read about what he had to endure to launch BMW forward in new ways. I doubt if most of you have had websites devoted to your firing, with thousands of signatures and rather scathing comments. Welcome to Chris Bangle’s world!

Have you or an acquaintance ever suffered from the painful malady of acid reflux? If so, you are now likely aware that you can purchase the wonder drug Prilosec over the counter, vs. requiring a prescription. You will learn about the remarkable work of Lisa Allgood and her team, and how they were able to dramatically change the way prescription drugs were made available in the OTC world. And keep in mind there may be nothing more complicated and frustrating than the drug approval process with the FDA.

Ever heard of Jim Cramer, the absolutely wacky investment guru, who provides the kind of advice that have generated millions in gains. He has this uncanny ability to answer almost any question about almost any company. You will discover just how much he does have in his head - and how he created a new market opportunity for providing investment advice.

You will also have the opportunity to read about many others who have concentrated on making the world a better place, through providing clean water or the gift of sight to needy people in unfortunate circumstances, changing the way middle school kids are educated (including getting parents involved), or helping blind children achieve something unbelievable, beyond the reach of most sighted people.

Every chapter is filled with stories of everyday people who have created and led remarkable growth opportunities to greatly advance their organizations or the world at large.

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