Getting Drop Outs Back To School

Posted by Steve C on August 14, 2009 under The Blog | Be the First to Comment

Just came across a program that had a little of that No Box spirit to it.

What do think it would feel like to be 21 years old and in high school? Sounds like a prescription for some serious ribbing, if not public humiliation. So check this out. The Gateway to Success program is a partnership of Cincinnati’s Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development and other colleges around the Cincinnati area. Here is the premise. There are kids that drop out of high school, and a few years later want to come back and get their diplomas after all. Since it is very difficult for the schools to assimilate the older kids, as well as potentially embarrassing for the returning students, simply re-enrolling in a high school is not a good solution.

So through Gateway to Success, classes are offered at the local college campuses, in the college environment, with other students of comparable ages. So now, if the older kids are asked if they are in school and where they are going, they can say Cincinnati State, or UC (University of Cincinnati) or one of the other partner schools. Kids can complete their high school work in a much more conducive, empowering environment.

There are real hurdles in the decision to go back for a high school diploma. The stress of school itself and ongoing financial challenges for a young adult are just two of them. But that giant emotional barrier – the risk of humiliation – is now eliminated, thus making it easier for drops outs to drop back in, which most would agree is a very good thing.

Bravo to all the organizations involved in this endeavor. And bravo to the kids for taking that big step forward in their lives.


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